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Let's Make The Ordinary Extraordinary

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premium outdoor playhouse


Magical features like indoor monkey bars, rainbow stairs and secret doors are designed to inspire a sense of wonder in a fun-filled backyard playset.

safe outdoor playset


Safety is always the #1 priority in our design process. Features like slide proportions, stair railing and baluster spacing are configured for backyard playset ASTM compliance.

durable outdoors playhouse


Durable, splinter-free polywood and a steel superstructure make each Clubhouse sturdy - just like the resilient children it's built to support.


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Meet The Clubhouse

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Entrance View


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Rock Wall View


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Swing View


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Slide View


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Sports Wall View


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Interior View


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Chalkboard View


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Welcome To Blue Squirrel

Our mission is to make the ordinary extraordinary. We reinvent classic outdoor playsets for kids by blending sensible, modern design capabilities with child-inspired magical thinking. Our goal is to deliver happiness to the whole family.

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Is That A Blue Squirrel?

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  • “The second my son saw this he said ‘Mama, I have the perfect spot for this in our backyard. It’s coming home with me!’”

    Amanda, Mom of Harrison (age 8)

  • “It’s amazing to see how long my daughter has stay interested in playing on the clubhouse. I was surprised because she is an older kid.”

    Whitney, Mom of Avery (age 12)



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Blue Squirrel Blog

Ideas and inspiration to keep kids active and give parents peace of mind.

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Our Blog


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Existing swing set brands offer so many choices with so many different configurations to choose from but the reality is that most parents select a kid playhouse or swing set with these classic features: swing, slide, climbing wall, monkey bars. We cut out the guesswork to deliver those core features and so much more! 

    The Blue Squirrel Clubhouse has a rejuvenated aesthetic and intentionally designed playset accessories to deliver a modern approach best-suited for today’s contemporary children. While play has long been recognized as a source of development for kids’ mental, physical and social faculties, the role of play has been increasingly prioritized during a global pandemic that threw kids’ education and development into the spotlight for many parents.  As a brand born out of the “parenting during the pandemic” experience, Blue Squirrel differentiates from the competition by combining intentional focus on aesthetics, functionality, and safety with features that emphasize developmentally-appropriate guided play.  The Blue Squirrel Blog, Climbing The Walls, is filled with ideas for creative and collaborative play.  

    The Blue Squirrel Clubhouse is designed to deliver a premium experience for both kids and parents at a competitive price point. While other outdoor play brands often add-on more costs related to delivery and third-party set up fees, Blue Squirrel will launch with free white-glove delivery and installation. Head over to the Outdoor Playset - Clubhouse Product page for a side-by-side comparison of Blue Squirrel vs. the Competition.

  • Not yet. Currently Blue Squirrel only offers The Clubhouse, its inaugural playset.  As a company dedicated to intentional design, industry-leading safety standards and a modern aesthetic, Blue Squirrel spent months working with a team of industrial product designers and engineers to perfect its first kids outdoor playset model.  The team plans to launch more outdoor products in the future. Have an idea? We’d love to hear from you! Send us a note to share your ideas and requests.

  • As a company that is rooted in the mission to create happiness through healthy and positive outdoor activities for kids, we are committed to doing our small part to help protect and improve the environment. 

    We are following the lead of our brand’s namesake backyard animal - the squirrel! Did you know that squirrels are often responsible for planting new trees? On occasion, squirrels will forget to dig up their acorns, effectively planting trees in the process!  We’re dedicated to reforestation, which is the process of replanting trees. Through onetreeplanted.org, we have seeded the "Blue Squirrel Forest" with 1,000 trees planted in honor of our first 1,000 email newsletter community members.

  • Blue Squirrel products are designed by a team of award-winning industrial designers.

    The Clubhouse design went through extensive safety and durability testing both via computer simulation and in-person testing during the prototyping process.

    The Clubhouse complies with ASTM safety standards for Home Playground Equipment (ASTM F1148-22).

    Throughout the production process individual product components are reviewed to ensure they meet the most stringent regulatory requirements in the industry.

    The structure is made of durable polywood and supported with a steel infrastructure.

    The Clubhouse will be anchored to the ground using steel anchors.