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Kids interact with each other in different ways as they grow. The Collaboration section offers ideas and inspiration for group play that will encourage kids to collaborate, cooperate, and participate in age-appropriate games. Collaboration also details how the Blue Squirrel Clubhouse can grow with a child as they age, providing experiences that will keep kids off screens and set them up for success in the real world. This section covers topics including aesthetics and quality of the brand, product features, child and caregiver interaction and group play.

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Home Made Forts I Blue Squirrel

creativity | Dec 24, 2023

5 Fun Blanket Fort Ideas for Kids: The Perfect Indoor Adventure

Building these blanket forts is not just about escaping the cold; it's about igniting imagination and creating warm...


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As a parent, what do you love more - watching your child pretend to be a superhero or feeling like a superhero yourself when you’ve set them up with playtime activities that can keep them busy for hours? Why choose? The Creativity section offers ideas for outdoor crafts, projects, and guided-play experiences that help kids flex their creative muscles and nurture their mental well-being. The best part? Any of these activities can be done in the comfort of your own backyard playhouse.

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How To Level the Ground for a New Playset

curiosity | Jan 31, 2024

How To Level the Ground for a New Playset

If you’re investing in a playground, you’ll need a flat surface first. Read on for how to level...


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You have questions. We have answers! The Curiosity section is for parents, grandparents, caregivers, and relatives who want to understand how backyard playhousesplay spaces and products nurture a child’s physical well-being. This section covers topics including developing physical competence and confidence, risk assessment, and product uses. We also answer questions about the safety, durability, and comparability of backyard playset options.

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