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We reinvent classic outdoor kids’ play spaces by blending sensible, modern design capabilities with child-inspired magical thinking. Our goal is to deliver happiness to the whole family.


Delivering Happiness to The Whole Family

Our Vision

The backyard is a safe space for your family where your kids can just be kids. We’re committed to delivering outdoor play spaces that help foster creativity, collaboration and curiosity in children aged 4-10.

A letter from the founder & CEO

Blue Squirrel was born from personal experience. As a result of the pandemic, Founder & CEO John Mason had the experience that millions of other parents across the country and around the world had: months of school closures and virtual-learning gave him the chance to observe how his young children were learning, playing, and spending their time in a whole new light. Some of what they saw was great, but a good deal was seriously lacking. There was too much screen time, not enough time spent playing outdoors, and not enough attention given to the developmental aspects of play. He wanted to see his children playing in ways that piqued their young imaginations, engaged them physically, and pushed them mentally. Eager to find something that would lure his kids outdoors, John looked for a playset.

But when it came to existing models, he was incredibly underwhelmed. Legacy brands were wildly expensive, with ghastly shipping estimates, and the same aesthetics as the sets his parents had bought him as a child nearly thirty years prior. Moreover, the customer service experience was stuck twenty years in the past, with slow response times, hands-off freight delivery, and 8 hour plus do-it-yourself assembly times.

After 25 years as a real estate developer, John set out to make his next development project his most impactful. Instead of building for adults, he decided to dedicate his next “development project” to building for his kids - and for all kids. As a proud #girldad of two little girls, he created the Clubhouse––Blue Squirrel’s inaugural outdoor playset product. Eager to satisfy children and parents alike, he partnered with a team of industrial product designers and engineers to develop a modern take on a timeless product. The Clubhouse seamlessly blends your classic features (like monkey bars, swings, climbing walls, and slides) with collaborative and creative elements (like soccer nets, bucket and pulley systems, window boxes, chalkboards, and a hidden hideaway).

Anna & John

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What Sets Us Apart?

Existing swing-set brands offer the illusion of choice with so many different configurations to choose from but the reality is most parents select a swing-set with these classic features: swing, slide, climbing wall, monkey bars. We cut out the guesswork to deliver those core features and so much more! 

The Blue Squirrel Clubhouse has a rejuvenated aesthetic and intentionally designed play features to deliver a modern approach best-suited for today’s modern children. While play has long been recognized as a source of development for kids’ mental, physical and social faculties, the role of play has been increasingly prioritized during a global pandemic that threw kids’ education and development into the spotlight for many parents.  As a brand born out of the “parenting during the pandemic” experience, Blue Squirrel differentiates from the competition by combining intentional focus on aesthetics, functionality, and safety with features that emphasize developmentally-appropriate guided play.  The Blue Squirrel Blog, Climbing The Walls, is filled with ideas for creative and collaborative play. 

The Blue Squirrel Clubhouse is designed to deliver a superior experience for both kids and parents at a competitive price point. While many competitors hide the hidden costs of delivery and third-party set up fees, Blue Squirrel is offering free white-glove delivery and an on-call customer happiness team to help answer all of your product and purchasing questions.

Head over to the Product page for a side-by-side comparison of Blue Squirrel vs. the Competition.

Our Three Pillars

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From interior monkey bars to rainbow stairs to rock walls to secret doors, every aspect of the Blue Squirrel clubhouse experience is designed to make kids feel “at home” in a fun-filled, inspiring, magical house.

safe outdoor playset


From ceiling heights to slide proportions to railing baluster spacing, every component of a Blue Squirrel product is designed with safety in mind.

durable outdoors playhouse


Every Blue Squirrel Clubhouse is as sturdy and resilient as the awesome children they’re built to support, literally and figuratively.

Our Sustainability Pledge

As a company that is rooted in the mission to create happiness through healthy and positive outdoor play experiences, we are committed to doing our small part to help protect and improve the environment.  And we’re following the lead of our brand’s namesake backyard animal - the squirrel! Did you know that squirrels are often responsible for planting new trees? On occasion, squirrels will forget to dig up their acorns, effectively planting trees in the process!  We’re dedicated to reforestation in honor of all the families who join our Blue Squirrel community. Each time someone joins our mailing list, we plant a tree in their honor, in partnership with [INSERT ORG NAME, POSSIBLE ONETREEPLANTED.ORG]. Join Us.

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