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4 Ways to Create Core Memories with Blue Squirrel

By Blue Squirrel Team

4 Ways to Create Core Memories with Blue Squirrel

Whether you’re aware of it or not, we all have core memories from childhood. A core memory refers to a moment when we encounter an experience with heightened emotion that causes our memory systems to recall the experience because of the intense emotions associated with the event. According to Psychology Today, a core memory can sometimes carry a theme that yields a lesson or message to the child about what life is like or what life is about, affecting their lives years into the future. Hence the importance of creating core memories that help a child feel safe, supported and loved. 

For most children, core memories are made during the simple moments, like spending time with friends and family or while playing. Here are four ways a Blue Squirrel Clubhouse will help create core memories that can last a lifetime.

Sibling Teamwork

Whether you have children close in age or far apart in milestone development, when siblings are cooped up inside for hours, sibling rivalry and tension is sure to develop. Getting them outside and on a shared playspace will most importantly improve their moods, and encourage physical activity, cooperation and sharing. Cheering on one another on the Clubhouse climbing wall, communicating how to take turns on the slide and swing and working together to operate the bucket and pulley system will create core memories of sibling bonding, affection and support.

Adventure Among Friends

A Blue Squirrel Clubhouse is guaranteed to make your backyard the place to be after school for your child and their friends. Create a core memory grounded in a search for adventure and a sense of wonder by creating their very first treasure hunt. Encourage your child and their friends to really get into their role as explorers (costumes are welcome!), hide eight to ten household items in and around the Clubhouse, then offer clues to help kiddos go from one item to the next. Let the final clue lead to a very special hiding spot (we recommended the Clubhouse hidden room) for a grand treasure they can share together.

Creating Healthy Habits

Playing outdoors has a wealth of benefits, but one benefit that can last well into adulthood is learning the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Although you can’t always control what your child will or won’t eat, you can help them stay active at home with a Blue Squirrel Clubhouse thanks to monkey bars, a rock climbing wall, soccer net and so much more. The earlier that habits of movement and exercise are introduced in a child’s world, the greater chance they’ll have to fight ailments like diabetes, heart disease and obesity in the future.

A Multi-Sensory Experience

The Washington Post notes that all of our senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste – lead to the creation of strong memories. In particular, the olfactory bulb in the brain connects directly to the hippocampus (vital for encoding and consolidating new memories), which is why certain smells like your father’s cologne or the cookies your grandmother made every holiday season evoke memories into adulthood. When a child feels the grass under their bare feet or enjoys the scent of the trees surrounding their backyard while playing in their Clubhouse, they’ll create multi-sensory core memories of joy and relaxation.

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