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5 Fun Blanket Fort Ideas for Kids: The Perfect Indoor Adventure

By Blue Squirrel Team

Home Made Forts I Blue Squirrel


As the chill of winter wraps around our homes, the great outdoors transforms into a frosty wonderland that isn't always inviting for our little explorers. But fear not! At Blue Squirrel, we believe adventure can thrive indoors, too! Let's dive into the enchanting world of blanket forts – your go-to haven for those brisk days when the backyard playset is hibernating under a blanket of snow.


1. The Fairy-Tale Castle Fort


Transform your living room into a royal chamber fit for tiny monarchs. Drape soft, pastel-colored blankets over a large table or chairs arranged in a circle to create turrets. Use string lights to mimic the gentle glow of chandeliers and scatter cushions for royal thrones. Here, in their cozy castle, kids can rule over their indoor kingdom, filled with books and puzzles that double as courtly entertainment.

How to Make One: Arrange chairs in a circle with the backs facing outward. Drape blankets over the chair backs, securing with clips if needed. Add fairy lights for sparkle, and place cushions inside for seating.


2. The Space Station Bunker


This one is for the aspiring astronauts, why not orbit away from the cold and into space? Use shiny, metallic blankets or sleeping bags to simulate a spaceship hull. Cut out stars and planets from paper and stick them to the wall of the fort. A flashlight can serve as a beacon into the cosmos, as kids chart their course among the stars, away from the earthly chill.

How to Make One: Use the couch as a base, cover it with metallic blankets, and add LED lights or glow-in-the-dark stickers for a cosmic effect.


3. The Wildlife Refuge


Bring the outdoors in with a fort designed like a wilderness refuge. Use green blankets to simulate a forest canopy and include stuffed animals as woodland companions. Incorporate binoculars for bird watching and books about animals to keep the spirit of outdoor exploration alive.

How to Make One: Create a tent shape by draping a large blanket over a rope tied between two points. Use pillows to create a forest floor and hide stuffed animals around for a wild touch.


4. The Underwater Sea Cave


Dive into the deep blue without ever leaving home. Blue and green blankets can set the aquatic scene, while paper fish and seaweed decorations hang from the 'ceiling'. Ocean soundtracks can bubble in the background, and kids can discover the wonders of marine life through storytelling and creative play.

How to Make One: Use a blue blanket to cover a table, and hang cutouts from the edges. Place blue cushions inside for seating, and play ocean sounds to complete the ambiance.


5. The Arctic Igloo


The cold outside can inspire a snug igloo inside. White blankets and pillows can construct your frosty abode, and polar bear guardians (in stuffed form) can stand watch. Inside the igloo, children can learn about Arctic climates and animals, turning a day inside into an educational expedition to the poles.

How to Make One: Stack couch cushions in a dome shape and cover them with white blankets. Use extra pillows for snowdrifts and include books about the Arctic for immersive play.

Building these blanket forts is not just about escaping the cold; it's about igniting imagination and creating warm memories that last. Each fort is a bastion of creativity, learning, and play – the same values we cherish at Blue Squirrel. So next time the winter winds howl, remember that adventure is just a blanket away. Indoor play can be as wild as the great outdoors – no snow boots required!

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