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Our Brand Philosophy: Why Every Kid (and Parent) Deserves a Blue Squirrel

By Blue Squirrel Team

Our Brand Philosophy: Why Every Kid (and Parent) Deserves a Blue Squirrel

Imagine a backyard playset. What do you picture? A classic swing set, maybe a slide tacked on for good measure? It’s been this way for decades, and to be fair, kids still find plenty of ways to have fun with them. But while researching the standard backyard swing set, we started to wonder: if we could build a better playground for the modern backyard, what would it look like? What can we add to this experience that could delight both parents and children?



Blue Squirrel was born out of these questions. We don’t simply want to reimagine the standard swing set. We want to inspire children to play collaboratively, dream boldly, and think independently. We are dedicated to reinventing classic backyard experiences with modern products better suited for today’s kids—who are savvier and more curious but still just as silly and creative as ever. We are all about creating a safe environment for children to play and interact, while also developing essential independence and creative play skills. 


So what does this newfangled backyard playset look like? We’ve found a way to include a lot of features a family can make their own. Our first product - The Clubhouse - is designed to include the classic swing set elements like swing, slide and climbing wall; collaborative play elements like soccer net and bucket pulley system; treehouse vibes with a second story, book shelves and storage cubbies; and creative play elements like secret doors and chalkboard walls.


What’s in a name?


So why “Blue Squirrel?” Like playsets, we know that squirrels are in so many backyards across the country, but wouldn’t it be truly magical to see a blue squirrel some day? Until nature grants us this mythical creature, we plan to bring some Blue Squirrel magic to backyards all on our own. We aim to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. In our case, we take something commonly found in so many backyards and add a touch of magic to make it special and more engaging than the average playset.  We envision a future where neighbors excitedly exclaim to one another “Was that a Blue Squirrel in that backyard? I’ve never seen anything like it!” 


How we’re different

Our goal is to deliver happiness to the whole family. Parents too!
The backyard play industry is in desperate need of an update. Swing sets look so similar to the way they did thirty years ago, but cost nearly five times as much money. It’s incredibly difficult to make a purchase online and customer service is nearly non-existent. Delivery can take months, and rarely includes reliable customer engagement touchpoints between order and delivery.
At Blue Squirrel, we offer complimentary white glove delivery and assembly, keeping you updated on our progress from the moment you place your order. Throughout the entire experience, we want you to have confidence in your child’s new Blue Squirrel Clubhouse, with support along the way. Not only do we want to provide better play spaces for kids, we want to make the buying experience enjoyable and reassuring for parents as well. We can’t wait to become a part of your family!

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