One kid playing swinging on the blue swing on the Blue Squirrel playground


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Kids can just be kids

Children need opportunities to practice their own sense of independence and develop risk assessment skills when the stakes are low. The Blue Squirrel Clubhouse is designed to be a fun-filled, stimulating sanctuary for children where they can spend hours of solo or collaborative play outside in the comfort and safety of their own backyards.

safe outdoor playset

Supports Educational Experiences

Research shows that today’s children spend less time outdoors than any other generation before them. Outdoor play opens up so many doors for children to engage in imaginative play, and introducing them to an outdoor playhouse is one of the best ways to kickstart their creativity.

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a gift for the whole family

Today, the days of unsupervised outdoor play seem to be a thing of the past. A Blue Squirrel Clubhouse can also provide a much needed respite for parents as their kids play for hours with endless entertainment in the safety of their own backyard.


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