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10 Amazing Party Favor Ideas Kids Will Love

By Blue Squirrel Team

10 Amazing Party Favor Ideas Kids Will Love


As parents, one of our most fun jobs is planning parties. We work to execute the perfect themes, create invitations, and arrange games and food. But, sometimes, we get to the party favors and have run out of creative ways to finish up the planning. 

While it’s a tiny detail, and if you skipped it, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, party favors are a fun item to include for the kids. They can be an extra hour of fun at the party and a memento to take with them. 

These ten party favors are sure to be a hit at your child’s next birthday party:


Birthday Party Favor Ideas for Your Kids


Birthday party favors may seem like overkill, but many young children go to parties excited about the goodie bags they get in the end (not to mention the cake and balloons). 

However, as parents, we know that often these bags end up opened and played with during the party. So, if the goody bags work within the theme of the party, all the better!

These favors will allow kids to play together, play alone, and learn from each other new skills they haven’t mastered yet. No matter which you choose, they’re sure to be a hit.


1. Bubble Wands


Children love bubbles, so supplying them with their very own bubble wands to enjoy at the party is brilliant. They’ll fine-tune motor skills by opening and closing the bottle and work on hand-eye coordination by trying to blow bubbles. 

Encourage children to make a game out of the bubble wands; one unique option is bubble tag. Chasing each other and blowing bubbles introduces cooperative playtime and time spent in the great outdoors.


2. Keychains


Another personable option is keychains. Create a name keychain for each child attending the party, or opt for sports, animals, or even colorful items so the kids can pick which they like best. 

The best part about having variety is allowing each child to pick the item that best suits them, giving them options to decide what means most to them. It may not seem like a big deal to them, but learning to make choices as a kid contributes to our cognitive abilities as adults. 

Practicing this skill is much easier with fun decisions, but you can make it even simpler by offering a fewer number of choices. For example, “Would you like animals or names on the keychains?” can help younger children, like toddlers new to independence.


3. Coloring Books


Dollar stores have tons of options for mini and inexpensive coloring books that will be the shining star of the goody bag. Use string or ribbon to tie a small box of washable crayons together with a coloring book and line them up on the counter. 
Give the birthday boy or girl the option to choose the ribbon color or the coloring book style they like best. Then, set aside some time at the end of the party so the kids can open their books and get creative.


4. Art Supplies

You could take it a step further than coloring books and buy all the kids a sketchpad and a small bag of art supplies. Online party supply companies sell items like easels, paint palettes, and bags to hold art supplies for inexpensive when you buy them in bulk. 

Small paint palettes with a thin paintbrush can be purchased online for as little as $1.00 for each palette, so this can be a cute and cost-effective party favor.


5. Fidget Spinners


Since they burst on the scene in 2017, fidget spinners have been much-loved toys by both kids and adults. Not only are they fun, but they can help children pay attention

Paying attention long enough in class (or to parents) can be difficult, so any practice we can offer them is helpful.


6. Temporary Tattoos/Sticker Packs


Stickers are a blast, and just like when we were young, children still love to decorate folders with unique sticker designs. Since many schools opt for plain colored folders, stickers can be a way for kids to personalize their belongings. 

Besides stickers, temporary tattoos are a sure-fire winner. Temporary tattoos wash off easily, so even if your child puts one on their arm at a party today, you can quickly and gently wash it away tomorrow for a family function or photo session. 
This could be a memorable ending to the party by allowing them about 15 to 20 minutes before the party’s over to choose a few options to put on their arms or hands. Have some sponges, a bowl of water, and paper towels ready to help make it quick and allow them time to show off their picks to their friends.


7. Playing Cards or Trading Cards

Baseball cards might not be as trendy today as they were about 20 to 30 years ago, but it’s still a great way to get kids talking and socializing over a shared interest.

There are many trading card options out there (Pokemon being one of the most popular at the moment). Choose one that interests your child, and the card game is sure to be a hit.


8.  Nail Polish or Lip Gloss


Allowing kids to express themselves with nail polish colors or lip glosses is a great idea to keep the party going. You can set time aside at the beginning of the party to get everyone’s nails painted and allow them to dry before moving on to the next activity. 

You can bring one of two nail polish colors out and a small collection — but not too many. Decision fatigue is a real thing!


9. Playhouse Decorations


Pretend play is an important stage of a child’s development, so encouraging this stage of play whenever you can is fantastic. If your child and their friends are at this stage of adolescence, then buying every child a few decorations for their own playhouse is a clever idea. 

An essential part of decorating a playhouse is to inspire games and playtime scenarios, so you’re supplying them with a lot of ideas.  Some decor ideas that can work as playhouse or bedroom decorations include:


10. Books

Books will always be a classic. Even for those who can’t yet read, picture and board books still fire up imaginations and expand worldviews.  For kids into superheroes, graphic novels are everywhere, so you’ll be able to find something your child and their friends will love. 

Or you can do a surprise grab bag and wrap all the books and hand them out at random. This way, every child will get something different from what they usually go for. It’s a wonderful chance to open their minds to new stories and characters. 


Invite the Neighborhood: Host a Party


Whether you’re new to the area or have lived in your home for what feels like forever, host a party the whole neighborhood can enjoy. It will be super fun connecting with the immediate community and enjoying the company of those next door. 

But hosting a party, no matter the size, is a big undertaking, and there are a few points you don’t want to miss. Next is a quick list of items to check off your party planning guide before the big day. 




The first item to consider and to get narrowed down is the decorations. You’ll want to decide on a theme, generally pertaining to your child's interests. Then, pick coordinating colors and decor. 

When in doubt, balloons are always an easy way to add details to the party area without causing a hassle. You should be able to find a balloon in almost any and every shape. 




Once you have your theme planned and decor picked and bought, plan out what everyone will eat. Will you serve a wide variety of snacks or just a main dish like pizza and cake?

You’ll also want to decide if you are going to have themed names for your snacks and drinks or keep it simple and focus on the games or activities. Reach out to the guests (or the guests’ parents) to find out if any of them have allergies or dietary restrictions. 




While the decorations will set the stage, it’s the activities and games that really take your party to the next level. Choose games that are appropriate for the age level. Run through a practice run to ensure the adults in charge understand the game and any issues you may run into, especially with board games. 

Whatever the games you choose, keep them light. Add a level of competitiveness to get the kids excited for the games, but don’t let it get too serious so the kids end up in tears or fights over points. 


Make Your Kids’ Birthday Party Go Off With a Bang


We know these party favors are sure to be a hit, and we are confident these tips and tricks about party planning will give your kids the parties of their dreams.
Whatever you decide to do for games and whatever the theme, make fun the first priority. And if they learn something along the way? All the better!



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